An EPS Project for HVL Smelter Offgas Handling delivered by China Nerin to ENAMI has been Successfully Commissioned

January 18, in the morning, the EPS (engineering design, procurement and supervision) project for HVL Smelter (Fundición Hernán Videla Lira de ENAMI ) offgas handling delivered by China Nerin to ENAMI has been successfully commissioned. Chile President Sebastián Piñera witnessed the monumental moment in the company of Minister of Mining Baldo Prokurica, Minister of Environmental Protection Carolina Schmidt, Governor of Región de Atacama Francisco Sánchez, and other government officials and industry experts. In his speech, President Sebastián Piñera made specific mention of the positive and critical role in the project played by a Chinese company, that is, China Nerin Engineering Co., Ltd., who enabled the project to meet the emission standards of Chile's Ministry of Environmental Protection on schedule. After the ceremony, President Sebastián Piñera extended his cordial greetings to Nerin’s engineers and expressed his appreciation of their hard work and professionalism on the project site. News media such as Televisión Nacional de Chile provided constant coverage of the event.


 The EPS project is the very first one implemented by a Chinese company for a large mining / smelting enterprise in Chile. China Nerin was determined to implementing the project with pioneering spirits to overcome all obstacles and complete the project. Eventually, China Nerin has overcome difficulties such as cultural differences, design concept discrepancies and unfamiliar practices and completed the project successfully and efficiently. The project has been recognized not only by ENAMI as the owner but also by various government departments in Chile. China Nerin has built its good brand image and accumulated rich valuable experience for its future project development and implementation in Chile and other South American areas.


Picture of President Sebastián Piñera with China Nerin Engineers



President Sebastián Piñera Giving a Speech at the Commissioning Ceremony