China Nerin President Wu Runhua Led a Delegation to Attend the Seminario FURE 2018 in Chile

  October 17th to 18th, local time, the Seminario FURE 2018 (Seminar of Smelters and Refineries) was held in Santiago, the capital of Chile, and was attended by well-known copper experts all over the world to share the latest project information and technological developments in the industry.

  The Seminar of Smelters and Refineries in Chile is an annual grand meeting of the Chilean copper industry organized by IIMCh (Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas de Chile / Institute of Engineers of Mines of Chile), aiming to build a platform for upstream and downstream enterprises in the Chilean copper industry chain to exchange technologies and share experience, so as to promote sustainable development of copper industry in Chile. Since China Nerin, an important partner of both CODELCO (Corporación Nacional del Cobre de Chile / National Copper Corporation of Chile) and ENAMI (Empresa Nacional de Mineria de Chile / National Enterprise of Mining of Chile), has established its South America Agency and made positive progress in Chile's market development, its President Wu Runhua, Senior Technical Director Yao Suping, South America Agency General Manager Xia Wei, Deputy Chief Engineer Yu Lei, and Metallurgical BU Deputy General Manager Tang Bin led a delegation of 7 people to attend the seminar and were warmly greeted by the organizer and the guest participants.

  During the event, Wu Runhua gave a keynote speech of "Development of Copper Smelting Industry in China" at the seminar, presenting China Nerin's practical experience for sustainable development of copper smelting industry in China, and received unanimous praise from the participants. Yao Suping gave a report on "Copper Smelting Technologies and Economics in China" to introduce the technical and economic indicators of major smelters in China in straightforward language, and answered plentiful questions submitted by the participants. Yu Lei made a speech on “Technologies to Handle Sulfur in Non-Ferrous Smelting Flue Gases”, systematically introducing China Nerin’s advantages and achievements in sulfuric acid making and desulphurization in copper smelters.

  Moreover, Wu Runhua had extensive exchanges and in-depth discussions on development trend of copper smelting technologies and prospects of technical services in the copper industry with managers of IIMCH, CODELCO, ENAMI, AngloAmerican, etc.

  The participation in such a seminar has expanded China Nerin’s influence in Chile market and the global copper industry and played a positive role in promoting market development in South American.


Keynote Speech of "Development of Copper Smelting Industry in China" by China Nerin President Wu Runhua


Report on "Copper Smelting Technologies and Economics in China" by China Nerin Senior Technical Director Yao Suping


President Wu Runhua with Codelco CEO Nelson Pizarro (left) and IIMCh President Juan Pablo González (middle)