Nandujiangte Bridge was Successfully Put into Use

Nandujiangte Bridge, located in Nandujiang River, Hefeng County, Hubei Province along the Nanhe Provincial Highway, is 272.276m long in total, 10.0m wide and 163.0m high. Its main part is a reinforced concrete deck arch with the longest span (190m) in China among reinforced concrete box arched bridges constructed with plain reinforced concrete ball joint swivels.

The bridge was constructed since July 2015 and successfully put into use on July 30th 2018. China Nerin was highly recognized and praised by the project owner for its innovation ability, design level and service quality.

In the recent 25 years, China Nerin has provided engineering design and consultation services for more than 30 arched bridges constructed with balanced heavy swivels, whose span ranges from 55m to 190m and swivel weights from 1550t to 6000t. Through continuous optimization and innovation, swivel bridges designed by China Nerin are not only easy to be constructed but also economically reasonable and have been widely used in mountain areas. Therefore, China Nerin has designed the largest number of swivel bridges among all the design units in China.

Distant View 1

Distant View 2