Wu Runhua the general manager of Nerin and his group attend CESCO week 2018 Chile

On Apr. 11 ( Chilean time), the CESCO week 2018 hosted by CESCO Chile was opened in Santiago the capital of Chile. The people from leading companies of world copper industry presented the activity which has been successfully held for 22 sessions and is still the top event in world copper.

As a world-wide platform for linking the enterprises on copper industry chain, CESCO week has always been given importance in the strategy of Nerin. That was why Nerin agreed to present the event as the critical strategic partner of CESCO and the only top sponsor from China. General manager WU and his group has received warm welcome from the host and attendees and has dinned with the representatives of world mining giants including CODELCO, ENAMI, Anglo America, Glencore, Freeport-McMoRan and Antofagasta. In the activity WU has explained the international strategies of Nerin within the pattern of “The Belt and Road Initiative” and expressed the willingness of Nerin in intensifying the cooperation with South American companies and world companies of mining and copper industry.

WU also has exchanged ideas with the directors of these companies on the development trend of copper metallurgy technologies and service patterns.

At the invitation of National Mining Ministry of Chile, WU attended the luncheon held for the senior business leaders of China and Chile on April 11.

By this event, Nerin has promoted the image in Chile and world copper industry, which is a critical move in the international strategy of Nerin.

Nerin group in CESCO 2018

CESCO Luncheon for senior business leaders

In CESCO dinner