Development Strategies

Specialized technology-driven service provider, majoring in project construction and covering the overall process of the industrial chain, properly diversified and active in winning global market shares, developing growth points by creation.

Strategic Target

Long term target: To become an international engineering company with its own intellectual property rights and core competitiveness.

Short term target: To achieve transition of Nerin from a design company into an engineering one and from a local enterprise into an international one in the concept of sustainable development, build Nerin into a local and overseas market oriented engineering company with advanced technologies and scientific management, laying solid foundation for being a future internationalized engineering company.

Areas of Business

Engineering & Consulting

Including project engineering and consultation, environment impact assessment, project costing and consultation, tendering agent, construction drawing review, and so on

General Contracting and Project Management

Including general contracting, project management, procurement and supply, agent construction, construction supervision, and so on

Supply of Equipment

Including special equipment, system integration, and so on


High-tech products, mineral resources development, real estates, BT, BOT and such modes of investment in municipal and environment protection projects, etc.